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Q. Are you located downtown?
Well, kinda but not. Getsemani is located with the walled city but its not considered the actual centre of the city.  The centre is less than a 5 minute walk from the hostel.
Q. How do I get to the hostel?
See this page on our website.
Q. How close is the hostel to…?
The centre – 5 minute walk
Castillo San Felipe – 5 minute walk
Supermarkets – A mini supermarket is half a block away and a large one a 3 minute walk
Boca Grande beaches – half an hour walk or 5 minutes in a taxi
Calle Arsenal bar area – 5 minute walk
Calle Media Luna bar area – just step out the door and you’re in it
The airport – 10 minutes in a taxi, 10 000 pesos
The bus station – 45 minutes in a taxi, about 15 000 pesos

Q. What are your rates?
Please check our rates page

Q. How do I know if you have rooms available?
To reserve a room or a bed in a dorm fill the reservation form.

Q. How many private rooms/beds do you have?
We have 33 dorm beds and 14 double rooms, mostly with private bathrooms.

Q. Do you charge per person for private rooms?
Our prices for a private are for 1 or 2 people, after that we charge extra per person.

Q. Is there a curfew or lockout?
NEVER, no stupid rules here!

Q. Do you provide bedsheets?
Yes, they´re included in the rate, towels are usually only for private rooms

Q. Is there an age limit?
Old and young, we accept you all! But if you are not honest… find another hostel.

Q. Do you serve breakfast?
A basic pancake breakfast is available and other options are available for purchase from the cafe,


Q. Colombia has always had a reputation as dangerous, why on earth would I want to go there?

Yep, you’re right, it has. But over the last few years that has really changed. The government has made a real effort to counteract the effects of the narco traffickers and rebel groups such as FARC. While there is the odd renewal of hostilities the country is generally very calm and travel is not a problem. Colombia is a huge country and has some very diverse areas. You’ll find the people friendly and welcoming of travelers and some amazing scenery, hiking and wildlife areas. As with any country you should should take normal precautions while travelling but Colombia is a country not to be missed.

Q. Whats the currency of Colombia?

Colombia uses the Colombian peso.  The rate was been changing a lot recently and as of the 1st of june 2015 the rate was around 2500 pesos to 1 US dollar.

Q.They do have ATMs right?

They sure do, maybe not as many as you’re used to but they are there. Some do have a problem with withdrawals and you may need to try a few times or some different machines. Servibanca, Citibank and Davivienda seem to work more than most and have  higher withdrawal limits(maximum 780 000 pesos).  Some banks often have a withdrawal limit of around 300 000 pesos.

Q. The big question! Are drugs really as common as you hear on the news?

Yeah, they kinda are. But that depends on where you are and what you’re doing. You’ll find all manner of drugs very easy to find and cheaper than back home. But theres always a downside…………… If you are going to do drugs in Colombia(and we say don’t) then take a hell of a lot of care. Theres a problem in Cartagena, for instance, of the dealer calling the cops as soon as you walk away. They work together, the cops will shake you down and extort money from you and the dealers get their drugs back, everyone wins but you. If they don’t get a bribe then it’s off to jail you go.

Another trick is to find you later that night or the next day and extort more money out of you. They’ll bring their local tough guy and you’ll feel threatened. I have heard rumors of them walking into other hostels to find people(not ours…). Don’t think they can’t find you cause Cartagena isn’t that big. If you do buy drugs DO NOT bring them back to Mamallena, you’ll likely be asked to leave. Us losing our business is not worth your few moments of pleasure, we also don’t need the local dealers hanging around making people feel uncomfortable. Please don’t put us a in a situation where we all have problems.