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A native Tasmanian, Stuart (El Jefe) travelled extensively in the Middle East, South and Central America before seeing the opportunity to live the good life in Cartagena. After taking over ownership of Mamallena, Panama 6 years ago, Stuart realized the need for a ‘Real Backpackers Hostel’ in Cartagena and moved Mamallena to its current location in January 2012.

Will has been our Manager and resident workaholic for a couple of years now. Originally from Wales he bit the bullet and decided to re-locate to Colombia and help in the expansion of the Mamallena Network. He loves to party so beware  if you end up on a night out with him 🙂

Sandra  has been our go to girl for about 4 years and is the queen of the nightlife in Getsemani. She has travelled a lot  before returning back to her first love,  Mamallena.
Lilia is the pretty face that greets you in the morning as you head for the pancakes. She has  been with us for over 2 years. Lilia is our local expert on moving around  and can give all the advice you need.
Cristina is our newest member of staff and our resident expert on booking your trips and  tours around Cartagena and boat trips to Panama. Cristina grew up in New York and now calls Cartagena home and knows all the nightspots and best beaches.


Diego is our friendly Night owl that greets you when arriving weary eyed from a night bus or bleary eyed  from a night out. He has been with us for over two years and keeps the place in tip top shape and safe an secure during the late night hours.
Ibeth has been a faithful Mamallena employee for the last year and as our Hostel Cleaning superstar Ibeth ensures everything is in working order to make your stay exceptional.



Rudy, our newest member of staff. Rudy is a lively little fella and can be found taking a nap is some very weird places around the Hostel. She loves her Big Sister Suki and
the two like to play now an again, but normally Rudy just wants to sleep.
Suki, Head of Security, Mamallena CartagenaSuki is definitely our most popular employee and is always eager to entertain, or watch you eat dinner 🙂 She arrived to us as a little fella of 2 months. She is always available to take for a walk so just grab the leash and she will find you.