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OUR ADDRESS – Calle Media Luna, 10/47.  We’re right in front of Hostel Media Luna.From the airport:
t’s easiest to take a taxi.  The price is a fixed 10 000 pesos, although the same as anywhere they may try to rip you off.  The best bet is to get to the hostel, get out with all your stuff and just pay them 10 000 pesos.  Not much they can do once you’re out of the car.

From the Bus terminal:

Take the bus marked Metro Car from the terminal.  That will take you to the center, or at least on the edge of the centre.  From the bridge where the bus will drop you off it’s around a 10 minute walk to Calle Media Luna.

From Panama:
2 main ways,
1) Take a flight for around $350
2) Take a sailboat for $500 to $550 on sailing trip from the San Blas islands of Panama to Cartagena.  It takes about 5 days and can be a trip of a life time or the nightmare of a life time!!   Contact us at for more information on sailing from Panama to Colombia and for sailing from Cartagena to Panama.

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