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Colombia is a country that has a huge diversity of landscapes, ecosystems, people and cultures and archaeological and historic sites and it’s only just started to be discovered!  Now is the time to visit Colombia, before the perils of mass tourism and commercialism change this beautiful country.

Colombia has the second highest rate of biodiversity of all the countries in the world.  If you look hard enough you’ll find at least 3500 different types of orchids, over 14000 species of butterflies, 456 species of mammals and the highest amount of different species of frogs and birds of any country worldwide.

Colombia is the only country of south America that has a coastline on both the Caribbean sea and the Pacific ocean.  There is an amazing contrast of seascapes with various archipelagos of islands such as the remote province of San Andres and Providencia in the Caribbean and the Gorgonas in the Pacific.  You’ll have no problem in finding a wide variety of beaches and diving locations spread along both coastlines of Colombia.

If you’re looking for adventure in the mountains then Colombia has the Sierra Nevadas, the highest coastal mountain range in the world.  The range around Santa Marta and within 42 kilometres go from the sea level to the peak, Colon, at 5 778 metres.

Large parts of the country are covered by plains and jungles and are full of amazing types of flora and fauna, as well as the snow capped mountains of the Andes.  With over 90 indigenous groups Colombia has a great range diversity amongst it’s many peoples and different cultures.  Colombia also produces some of the best coffee in the world, is the largest producer of emeralds, the biggest producer of bananas and is a world leader in the production of flowers.

Colombia is an amazingly diverse country and now is the time to visit.  For years it’s been off limits but with the calming for the previously bad security situation it is now generally safe to visit.  Unlike many countries in South America, Colombia has yet to be hit by mass tourism.  On a yearly rate Colombia has about the same amount of tourists as it’s much small neighbor, Panama.  Apart from Cartagena, you’ll basically never be over whelmed by tourists.  Now is the time to visit this amazing country, before you’re just another one in the crowd…………